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Be An Extraordinary Leader

8 Ways To Inspire The Next Generation (Even If You Don’t Have It All Figured Out Yet)

It takes a village. Every child’s future is our future, whether you’re related to them or directed invested in their little lives or not. Those kids are our future leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who will create our world of tomorrow. We don’t need more mindlessly working zombies… We need …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioMay 5, 2017

7 Ways My Epic Failure Made Me A Better Leader

Remember when we were in high school and your teacher would assign you a group project and everyone would go ‘ughhhh?’ … and then while you’re doing the project, you’re like ‘this project would be so much easier if I didn’t have to deal with the people’? Now imagine doing that …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioApril 21, 2017

Get More Of What You Want By Understanding Personality Styles

You know when you’re dating someone for awhile or you make a new friend and the “spark” turns that flame into grey, dull ash? The little things that you didn’t even notice before start to drive you absolutely insane. Chances are, that’s probably because your personality styles just aren’t compatible. … And it’s not …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioApril 9, 2017

4 Steps to Starting a Powerful Mastermind Group

As I think back on the last year, I am most grateful for the community of people around me…. Specifically, the mastermind group that I’ve been part of. At any given time, I can pick up the phone and call at least a few dozen people and ask for their …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioApril 8, 2017

EBS 01. How To Get People To Buy Into Your Goals

When we are kids, our parents and teachers would tell us we can be anything we want to be when we grow up. By the time we get to middle school, we start to get a glimpse of how the real world works. Instead of being president, we settle for …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioMarch 1, 2017

The Epic Guide To Planning A Networking Event

Just a heads up, this post is a 6000 word monster to walk you through each and every step of planning a powerful networking event, but don’t worry… Before you get overwhelmed, we are putting together an accompanying workbook that will help you take all of this and put it into action. …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioDecember 31, 2016
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