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The Practical Guide To Time Management So You Can Get More Done With Less Stress

*Guest Post* When you think of time management, what do you think of? If you’re like most people, it probably sounds like some far away, rarely attained treasure that you can only find in the land of leprachans, unicorns and fairies. … and you might even spend HOURS Pinteresting (is that …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioJune 15, 2017

How To Execute On Your Ideas When You Feel Overwhelmed

  So you know when you have an idea that you’re like “this is going to make me a bajillion dollars”?… and then you go to start putting pen to paper to start brainstorming your idea… but nothing comes out? You’re literally staring at a blank page and all those …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioApril 14, 2017

Eliminate Decision Fatigue By Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

How many times have you walked into your closet (which is probably jam-packed with clothes) and stood there feeling frustrated because you don’t have anything to wear? Think of a boutique… They have a few items that all go together and make a whole collection out of those few items. …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioApril 12, 2017

The Ridiculously Simple Way To Get Rid of Clutter

My mom is a type A person who’s also a neat freak. I love her to death and she’s my greatest role model but holy crap… She used to drive me INSANE because she saw everything as clutter. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to take anything, regardless of …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioApril 10, 2017

How To Find Work Life Balance + Keep All Of Your Plates Spinning

Have you ever had a phase in your life when you’re doing really well in one area of your life but you almost feel guilty because another area is suffering and you’re left wondering how people achieve this mythical work life balance? Maybe you’re KILLING it at work but your family resents you …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioApril 5, 2017

How To Wake Up Earlier + Design Your Perfect Day (Even If You’re Not A Morning Person)

I recently had a real heart-to-heart with one of my closest friends. I set big goals for the year and I’m not on track for them…. He knows it and he knows how much I want it so he called me out on my shit because that’s what a great friend …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioMarch 22, 2017
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