Motivational Videos and Articles Won’t Help You Reach Your Goals, But This Will

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Do you know why most adults don’t like fairy tales?

Somewhere along the way, someone told them to “get realistic” and they stopped believing in possibilities. They stopped believing in abundance and happily ever after, replacing it with “security”, instead.

I recently caught a post in one of the empowered mom groups that I’m in, which, in effect said, “ I can’t stand those stupid fairy tales and I don’t know how to wean my kids off them.”

In our modern society, where everything is digital and possibilities are endless, we have an active adult population that’s struggling their way into success, totally convinced that the only way to be successful is to be pessimistic, stressed and to embrace anxiety.

There’s never been a better time in history to be alive.

As the old world dies and the new one emerges, those of us who are in-betweeners and millennials are getting the chance to reinvent our lives…. That is if we are bold and courageous enough of, course.

I am a strong believer that anyone who has an empowering message to share and the right success strategies can slowly build up a thriving empire regardless of how modest their background is.


You’re not the first person to desire success and freedom.

In truth, we’ve always chased after the golden carrot.

The only difference now is the rapidity and intensity of that chase.

History consistently tells us that the pursuit of success rarely has a happy ending, just look at the rise of empires that had their hayday, only to end in betrayal, being conquered or even murder.

It all begins with a deeply ingrained thought pattern that’s been passed down by generations which encourages us to separate our desires, ambitions, and aspirations from our spiritual development.

In fact, religious establishments have even couraged living a life of frugality as that brings you closer to God. Through the ages, that belief has given “success” a bad reputation and even made us feel guilty or unworthy of pursuing massive success.

You can term it however you like and even make it quite complex and sophisticated, but the truth is quite simple…


We have been conditioned for centuries to approach the game of life exclusively from the outside.

Through being ruled only by the physical senses and believing in the existence of a physical reality alone, few ever create success that is sustainable and doesn’t come with a price.

Need proof?

Check out the statistics of rising health problems, messy relationships or increase in substance abuse for confirmation.

Our levels of distress continue to rise even with modernization, which is crazy because the whole point of reaching for more is to make life more luxurious, enjoyable and effortless.

So why do we do more, accumulate more and yet we are still unable to create that blissful, opulent, freedom-based reality that we can all feel our hearts desire?

More importantly, we want to focus on ensuring that your success is sustainable so that you don’t crash and burn in other areas of your life.



First things first, this is the information and technology age and as a result, more people than ever are experiencing information overload.

So it stands to question, is the information you are ingesting on a daily basis really helpful?

Is it helping you get more grounded in fundamental truths or just pumping up your ego?

Here’s a question that will help you decide how much of your motivational and personal development materials are actually working…

Are your results permanent?

Do you consistently feel happy, inspired, creative, enthusiastic, relaxed, healthy, loving, kind and at peace with the world?

If you’re working with a coach or investing in self-help books, how much of your current reality is reflecting the stuff you claim to know?

While it’s wonderful to get fired up, there’s no use in so doing so if a few days later you are back in the same state of fear, stress and overwhelm.

So here’s how you avoid building your success and aspirations on a false foundation that will crumble at the first sight of a storm…


Combine strategy and spiritual insight

Learn the truth about who you are, how this game of life works and more importantly, how your mind functions.

Learn the truth about who you are, how this game of life works and more importantly, how your mind functions. Click To Tweet

We need leaders who are tuned into a stream that goes beyond what’s already manifested…

This world requires soulful, insightful and intuitive leaders.

This world requires soulful, insightful and intuitive leaders. Click To Tweet

Step back from the Buzzfeed listicles about success and question what you’re willing to do differently in order to have the kind of life that is rich in all possible ways.

In the past, wealth and success got a bad rap, not because they are wrong, but because the individuals who sought them out were not combining physical effort and spiritual insights.

Since everything begins with your thoughts, your inner world and its development must become just as much a priority as your tactics and strategies.

Moreover, whatever business models and strategies you adopt need to be fuelled by the knowledge and insights you begin drawing out from the depths on your soul… Only then can you build on solid ground and feel certain that your business can overcome any storm.

The key to success is spiritual growth.


Why spiritual growth is important

Let’s get something straight… This has nothing to do with religion.

This is about who you really are.

Spiritual growth is not about religion, it's about discovering who you TRULY are. Click To Tweet

You are more than just a physical being living in a physical world.

You exist in body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.

Unfortunately, most of us go our entire lifetime only living from the little mind and as a result, end up experiencing a very limited life.

If we made the conscious decision to approach every aspect of life from a spiritual level, we would witness the birth of a new kind of civilization.

It would be a world where we would live in a state of abundance rather than scarcity and we would completely vanquish poverty and all kinds of other social issues and dis-ease.

Growing yourself spiritually does not mean giving up fun, luxury and the good stuff we all love in the material world.

The idea of having “spiritual enlightenment” OR nice things is the very evil that prevents hard working millennial’s from reaching our full potential and that thinking must be upgraded immediately.

I grew up in one of the largest slums in my birth country in Africa.

As far back as I can remember, the idea that being poor carried some heavenly virtue was ingrained in me.

I just really rejected accepting a life of poverty and I rebelled against this ‘God’ that everyone around me was talking about.

I became a rebel in every kind of way and you know what?

It took my family and I out of the slums.

When I came to learn the truth that being spiritual can also include having a life of luxury, my entire focus shifted and I wanted to make sure I invested my energy, gifts, and talents in letting others know that we have been thinking all wrong.

We are not too late.

If we are alive and breathing, there is still time to start fresh and live life on our own terms and that’s what I wish for you starting right now.

The best way to secure your future is to ensure that this magnificent legacy that you’re devoting your life to actually lasts and that you get to enjoy every step of this journey is by integrating spiritual growth into whatever you’re currently doing.

That is where your true freedom lies.

Spiritual growth is the key to freedom. Click To Tweet


Superficial Personal Development vs. Spiritual Growth

There are those who only want to pump up the personality and strengthen your ego.

While the personality plays a significant role in the game of life, your new results cannot be successfully manifested and maintained if you only live from that surface level thinking.

The ocean of life is deep and gets richer as you dive deeper.

The ocean of life is deep and gets richer as you dive deeper. Click To Tweet

Motivation is like a shot of espresso, it’s great to enjoy when you want to give yourself a treat, but we all know it cannot be a permanent way of curing the lack of energy and alertness.

The more you understand how your mind works, the simpler it becomes to tap into your true source of inspiration, creativity, energy, solutions, and supply of all kind (and yes, that includes money!)

The source is infinite, everywhere present and unfailing.

When you tap into it, you can establish a foundation of wealth and success that will naturally sustain any kind of manifestation, regardless of size.

As you leave this post and step into your current reality with all of your mindset training and business strategies, ask yourself:

What kind of a foundation is this dream or goal of mine built upon?

Am I feeling secure and certain that it will work through any kind of weather?

… Or am I attempting to build a skyscraper using the same 6-inch slab foundation that my parents conditioned into me?

Your current reality is a reflection of your thought patterns and it is up to you to start seeking a more permanent solution for gaining mastery over your life.

As a leader in your own way, we need to change the way that we think so that we can change the world.

*This guest post was written by Janette Getui*


About Janette

Janette Getui is a mompreneur and prosperity coach devoted to showing others how to produce more freedom and opulence in life. She is the co-founder of Bold Beautiful Blissful U and hosts transformational prosperity classes and masterminds.

Known to many as a powerful, practical modern day mystic who has been able to prove through her own journey from the heart of poverty in an African slum to the abundant beach lifestyle that she gets to enjoy in Europe, that overcoming poverty consciousness, limiting beliefs and low self-worth is the fastest way to produce new beginnings and unfold a rich, blissful destiny.

Her PHD in overcoming harsh conditions and mind mastery makes connecting with her worthwhile, especially if spiritual and financial freedom matters to you. Get her Free e-book download that will enable you to unlock your version of heaven on earth.

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August 17, 2017
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