Welcome Home, Empire Builder!

You have a duty, calling and responsibility to live up to your full potential.

Yes, you.

Whatever that full potential is, the world needs you to succeed on a massive scale.

All it takes is one super passionate person who is willing to take an INSANE amount of action to change the world... and that person is you.

Millennial Empire Builders was created to help passionate, heart-leading young professionals like you, uncover your passions, build your vision, and live a big, fulfilling life that also affects the lives of others in a HUGE way.

Since you're here, something tells me that 'comfortable' and 'secure' aren't what you're after...

You're looking to live a huge life where you can make a difference and can create a better world for other people, too.

If you measure success not just by the number of zeros in your bank account but by the impact that you make, you my friend, are in the right place.

But maybe you...

... Know you're capable and maybe even destined to do great things, you just don't know where to start.

... Feel like the more that you get done, the more you have to do. You find yourself burning out because you just can't find the time to get it all done.

... Are ready for a life change and are just looking for the push to do it.

... Want to find your passions, you just haven't been able to figure out what drives you yet.

... Are successful in some parts of your life, but you feel out of balance and when one thing is going right, everything else is failing miserably.

At the end of the day, you want to make a bigger impact on the world and you know you're capable... but you need help.

I truly believe that when you follow your passions and lead your life with vision, the money, success, and power will come.

You have an incredible amount of potential in you, you just have to dig a little deeper to find it... and I'm determined to help you do that.

Here's What we're all about:


Your thoughts influence your feelings, your feelings influence your actions and your actions influence your results. By developing a powerful mindset and refining your skills, you can change your entire life.


No amount of a strong mindset will get the work done for you. In our productivity section, it's all about getting to work and getting shit done quickly, efficiently and systematically.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. By building powerful relationships that are based in contribution, you'll reach your goals faster and feel fulfilled in the process.


What kind of empire building would we be doing if we didn't actually do some building? Whether you're an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, the skill to build will lay the foundation for your legacy.


Once you've started to reach your goals, you'll need help. By developing your leadership skills, you'll be able to accomplish more without burning out and build something that outlasts you.

Untitled design-88

Hey, I'm Alexa!

Fun fact: my name actually means 'servant of humanity'.

Maybe that's why I've always been passionate about helping people.

The more that I grew and learned about myself, the more that I realized that my passion, calling and duty came from helping other people reach their goals too.

By day, I help young professionals move into the next phase of their lives by helping them buy and sell real estate. By night, I lead MEB and help young professionals master their mindsets and reach their full potential.

I talk fast, get way too excited sometimes and am obsessed with TED Talks. I love beach day, bringing people together and reading the dessert menu at restaurants before the food menu 😉

You've got a ton of potential inside of you and something huge that you want to say or do and I'm here to help you do it.

Your Empire Won't Build Itself

It's time to get to work.


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