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Put your business to work for you even when you’re sick, on vacation, sleeping or watching Netflix – without sacrificing the personal touch. Get 20+ biz building freebies for marketing, systemizing and your mindset right here:

What Stage Is Your Empire?

We help service-based freelancers, consultants, agents, independent contractors, realtors, financial planners like you start and grow your business through actionable tools, an incredible community and powerful training. To get started, tell us where you are in your empire building journey:

I’m Just Starting

Skip the trial and error – turn your idea into a real business the right way from day one.

I’m Ready To Streamline

Simplify and automate your business so you can grow without burning out.

I’m Ready To Scale

Hire, train and lead talented people to serve your clients at the same level that you do.

About Us

We help service-based entrepreneurs and sales people start and scale extraordinary businesses because we believe you started your business for freedom – not to hustle 24/7 and be a slave to the business that’s supposed to free you.

We started in 2014 as an itty bitty Meetup Group in South Florida with the mission to bring young professionals together, but we did not want to be another happy hour group – our members were looking for genuine connections and growth so we focused on professional development. We now host quarterly Summits and have a membership site to fulfill our mission.

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