7 Must Have Networking Email Follow-Up Templates

I was listening to a podcast recently that started with, “what is the one thing that no one is asking you that you feel like they should.”

As I thought about it, I realized that no one ever asks how I consistently build my network without burning out.

My answer would be systems and templates.

Burnout usually happens when you’re doing unfulfilling work without the prospect of growth or the attachment of a big why.

You might not realize it, but if you’re in the service-based industry, you repeat yourself WAY more than you think… and that’s a super easy cause for burnout that you can totally get rid of in just a few minutes.

You might not realize it, but if you're in the service-based industry, you repeat yourself WAY more than you think. Click To Tweet

Even though writing an email doesn’t take that long, it’s still using brain power that you don’t need to be using and when you have to think about it, you risk falling victim to the “I don’t feel like it syndrome”.

… and the less you have to think, the more likely you are to do it.

Perfect example….

I went to an event where I met five new contacts.

The next morning, I wasn’t in the mood to follow-up but I added them to Contactually and the email I use to invite people to a one on one popped up and I just had to confirm and send.

Templates bulletproof your networking strategy so you beat the “I don’t feel like it”.

So, here are the must have text and email templates for following up and building your network:


1. Following Up After Meeting Someone New

First things first, the most important follow-up you can have is the one you use right after you meet someone new.

First things first, the most important follow-up you can have is the one you use right after you meet someone new.First things first, the most important follow-up you can have is the one you use right after you meet someone new. Click To Tweet

No one gets excited about following up, so making it systematic will make it easier.

The follow-up email that I use has an 85.71% response rate (yes, you read that right — response rate, not just open rate).

If you want access to all eight of my follow-up templates and how to put it into action, you can get them right here:


2. Here’s what happens Next…

You can just thank me now for the amount of time I’m about to save you AND for the level of customer service you’re about to give your people.

If you adopt one thing, let it be this…

Whenever you end a conversation, end it with, “here’s what’s going to happen next….”

In the name of efficiency, do this in email form.

Lay out your entire process in email form with each email representing a different step.

As your leads, clients and prospects move through your process, being able to walk them through the process easily will make your life easier too.

An educated consumer means you have to answer less questions, they’re happier and it’s stress free for both of you.


3. Confirming Appointments

I cannot stress enough how important this template is.

Do you even realize how annoying it is when you show up somewhere and the person forgets?

Here’s a bonus tip: when you schedule an appointment, schedule the confirmation email for the night before or the morning of at the same time so you don’t have to think about it later.

I used to do this regularly but I’m allllll about automating my life so I started using Calendly to eliminate a bunch of the back and forth emails and to automate my meeting confirmations.

At this point in my life, I just follow my calendar and show up where it tells me to.

I highly recommend Calendly for coordinating your appointments or bookings — it’ll simplify your life a million times over.


4. Making Introductions

You guys know I’m like a psycho about making introductions and in the next few weeks, I’m going to be publishing a post allllll about the art of making introductions.

Seriously, it’s an art and if you master it, it’s the fastest way to gain credibility, get more referrals and gain tonssss of social proof with basically no effort.

Being that I make so many introductions, having a template is essential.

The template I use for this is part of my eight week follow-up plan that you can download right here:


5. Referral Instructions

You ever have someone go, “hey! I gave such-and-such your number because they’re looking to [insert your service here].”

It’s awesome that they’re thinking of you and referring you, howeverrrrr….

I treat referrals the same way that I treat my new contacts.

If I give them my card, I’ll probably never hear from them again because the average person sucks at follow-up.

If I give them my card, I’ll probably never hear from them again because the average person sucks at follow-up. Click To Tweet

If I get their card, we’re a bajillion times more likely to reconnect because I have systems in place that make certain we reconnect.

With referrals, I don’t want them to “give them my number” because they might never call.

I have a text template that thanks them for thinking of me and then tells them exactly what to text their friend which directs them to a lead capture page so they’re automatically added into my follow-up system… and a second template that asks them for their info so I can make sure we actually connect.

Your instructions don’t have to be that complex but you should have a standard system for how you handle incoming referrals.


6. Referral Thank You

Want to get more referrals?

When people refer you, make sure you thank them.

Simple, right?

I know…. but it makes a huge difference.

Have a thank you template that you send when someone refers you.

This applies to bloggers selling ecourses and thanking affiliates, SAAS companies or apps thanking their users for introducing the product to their friends and service-based people thanking their network for referring them.

Thank you goes a long way, so make sure you do it.


7. New Lead

Lastly, you should have a template and system for when you get new leads.

If you’re a blogger, this might look like your new email Subscriber indoctrination sequence.

If you’re a service based professional, what do you send them when they call and say, “hey! I’m ready to work with you”?

Templates will streamline and simplify your entire business, so I HIGHLY recommend you start implementing them.

If you want the email templates I use for my first 8 follow-ups, you can get them right here:

Networking follow-up email templates make it a million times easier to grow your network without burning out. Click through to learn the 7 templates that you absolutely have to have in order to reach your goals.
The easiest way to grow your network is to use follow up email templates so you never have to think about what to say to your new connections. In this post, you'll learn about the 7 must have email templates you need to grow your network and you'll get my free 8-week follow-up plan for new contacts. Click through to learn more.

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