Build Your Empire (Entrepreneurship)

Plan and Schedule A Year’s Worth of Marketing In One Week

No matter how good business is right now, if you’re not constantly looking for new opportunities, at some point you’re going to hit the income roller coaster… If you’ve been in a sales or service based industry before, you know what I’m talking about… You hustle your ass off looking …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioMay 21, 2018

How To Design A Logo With Brand Recognition Like Nike

*Guest Post* Oftentimes when I work with blossoming and passionate entrepreneurs, they have no idea where to start with their identity and branding. They may not even bother with it and just jump to a random logo a cousin or friend designed on word or buy a cheap-o at some …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioAugust 3, 2017

7 Powerful Ways To Grow Your Email List On Autopilot Like A Freakin’ Boss

Last week, I wrote an entire post about why you need an email list, regardless of your industry and what to send them. Whether you’re a nonprofit, entrepreneur, independent contractor, freelancer, in a service-based industry, product-based industry, or in B2B, you need to have an email list. It’s the quickest …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioJune 19, 2017

How To Use Email Marketing To Stay Top Of Mind With Your Network

I know, I know, email is dead… … Or is it? You are 6x more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. A message is 5x more likely …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioJune 13, 2017
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