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6 Reasons Your Networking Isn’t Working + How To Fix It

Networking works… If you work it. It’s a skill that most people never really learn and are sort of just thrown into the world to figure it out. … and because they don’t know what they don’t know, they go to a networking event, don’t get results and write off …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioJuly 16, 2018

How to Be A People Connecting Ninja

The easiest way and my absolute favorite way to create MASSIVE value for your network is by connecting people to each other. Yup, sounds soooo basic. So basic in fact, you’re probably like “duh“. … but like with anything else, building the mindset of being someone whose focused on connecting …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioJuly 9, 2018

4 Laws Of Networking You Should NEVER Break

I feel like I’d be doing you a disservice if I kept talking about networking on the blog but never really talked about the four laws at a high level. A law is a rule that you shouldn’t break and if you do, you suffer from the consequences. If you’re …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioJune 25, 2018

How I Maintain My Network On A Daily Basis

This is probably going to be one of my shortest posts ever because maintaining my database isn’t that complicated… and it’s not supposed to be. If it were complicated, I’d never stick to it so I keep it real simple. We talked about the four laws of your network in …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioJune 18, 2018

Contactually CRM Review and Best Practices

Let me begin by saying that I’m an app junkie. I like to try new apps, I like talking about them and I’m even the annoying person who actually sits down and watches Apple’s WWDC event every year (and I may or may not be watching it as I’m writing …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioJune 11, 2018

7 Must Have Networking Email Follow-Up Templates

I was listening to a podcast recently that started with, “what is the one thing that no one is asking you that you feel like they should.” As I thought about it, I realized that no one ever asks how I consistently build my network without burning out. My answer …Read More

Profile PhotoAlexa RosarioJune 4, 2018
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