How To Design A Logo With Brand Recognition Like Nike

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Oftentimes when I work with blossoming and passionate entrepreneurs, they have no idea where to start with their identity and branding.

They may not even bother with it and just jump to a random logo a cousin or friend designed on word or buy a cheap-o at some online marketplace because they feel the urgency to have some sort of design to claim that empty default avatar on their social media profiles.

They want their brand to have a face.

My goal is to educate entrepreneurs about the importance of branding, identity, and logo design and show you where to find a designer.


Start With Your Mission Statement

If you are truly passionate about your business you need to do the work and dig deep to find the core message to develop a strong mission statement that will establish your identity and brand.

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Good designers like to work with stories and convey that story through design.

Your story as a business owner revolves around your identity and to narrow it down even further, your mission statement.

From my experience at the Disney College Program while studying Corporate Analysis I learned that there is a reason behind everything that a company does.

It’s not just to look pretty or please the CEO.

The most successful businesses develop strong and specific mission statements and visions to create a purpose behind everything they do.


Identity Questions

Here are some questions I ask my clients to get a better idea of their mission and branding identity:

What is your mission statement? “If you don’t have one, GET ONE.” -Woody (Toy Story)

What products do you offer?

How and why do you offer those products?

Are you passionate about your business?

If you answered yes, Why are you passionate about your business?

What three words best describe your business?

Who is your audience (be specific: gender, age, what are their occupations, hobbies, likes & dislikes?)

What do you want your audience to feel when they see your brand?

Who are your competitors?

Why is your business unique? What sets you apart from your competitors?

What are the symbols you want to incorporate in your brand?

How did your business get started? What’s the story behind what you do?

If you can cruise through these and feel that your answers are timeless (they won’t change in the next 20 years), then you have a pretty solid brand and I give you the nod of respect.


What does this have to do with logos?

Having the mission and answers to the identity questions will help your designer immensely when it comes to everything they do to develop your brand.

Conducting research, developing the right shape form, picking out the best symbols, and pulling up a color scheme, and creating any other designs are some of the things good designers will do to help you develop your brand.

The less information you provide for your designer the harder the process will be to create a logo that is just right for you.

It may take longer, as well — When you don’t know the answers to the identity questions, your designer has to make an effort to pull them out of you and do additional research to find the style you like.

Not only will it help your designer, knowing the answers to your identity questions will help you make decisions in the future.

If you have one focus it will be easy to say no to appealing offers and opportunities that have nothing to do you with your brand.

It’s a trade-off, but it’s a good thing. You will be respected for it.


How do know the best kind of logo?

You know it’s the best logo when…

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