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Jan 16 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



MEB Broward: Cross Sell, Upsell & Renurture

Did you realize the probability of selling to an existing customer is over 300% higher than selling to a prospect?

A current customer already has trust in your business, and likely they’ve already seen value from purchasing from you.

But all too often, this group is ignored in favor of hoping to grab the attention of the prospect masses.

When was the last time you offered an additional product or service to a current client?

We know it is costs a lot more and is more time consuming to acquire a new client then it is to keep a current client.

So why is it that we seldom offer our clients additional services or products that they may need – and could possibly be getting from another vendor?

Maybe you got a little busy, had newer clients to tend to, prospecting to attract new customers, and not to mention all that administrative work…

You just need to learn how to effectively and strategically cross-sell and upsell current clients, as well as re-nurture the unconverted prospects for future potential.

During our 4th and final workshop of the Sales for Success series, you’ll learn:

  • Techniques to cross sell + upsell
  • Types + frequency of messaging
  • Remaining relevant + valuable to prospects and clients
  • Identifying opportunities to upsell + cross sell 

You can see the other workshops of the series right here Members and first timers attend for free. Become a member at **We will start exactly at 7pm, don’t be late! 🙂

We are on the first floor of the Keller Williams Plantation office, if you get lost call Stephanie at 305-748-1904


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