You DON’T Need More Leads… You Need More Appointments.

Get Instant Access To The Cliff Notes From Our Facebook Ads Summit

Get Instant Access To The Cliff Notes From Our Facebook Ads Summit

We hosted a one-day conference to build out our member’s their entire Facebook ad strategy…

You can get your hands on every knowledge bomb the speakers had to share.

You’ll learn how to target your perfect client with Facebook and then optimize your ads so that you can avoid throwing money away on ads that suck.

Then you’ll learn why “book a free call” ads don’t work…

And how to create an irresistible offer that makes you stand out from the competition (even in the most saturated market), followed by building a landing page that tells your story and compels your perfect client to beg you to take their money.

When you follow the steps that you learn, your audience will be tripping over themselves to work with you.


Kareme Shorter

Cox Media Group

Kareme Shorter is a Media Consultant at Cox Media Group Miami. He helps business optimize their social media strategies and increase their online visibility reach.

Giovanni Insignares

Insignia Media

Giovanni founded Insignia Media to help small businesses become infinitely scalable by leveraging paid advertising and sales funnels. He also teaches his strategies for BizHack.

Nicholas Scalice


Nick is a growth marketing ninja who turns site visitors into paying customers using high-converting landing pages. He founded Landing Page School and is the host of the Growth Marketing Toolbox podcast.


Create An Irresistible Offer

  • Identify your ideal client and their biggest pain points to find your opportunity
  • Stalk your competition to see what ads and offers they are running that’s getting results so you can model off of what’s already working
  • Create a bundle of products or services that make them beg you to take their money WITHOUT having to add more services or products to your business
  • Sequence the bundle so that it becomes a no-brainer and easy commitment

Target Ready And Motivated Clients On Facebook

  • Discover what your ideal client is searching, watching, where they’re hanging out and how to target them using Facebook’s ad targeting and that you can get in front of them at the exact moment they need you
  • Explode your repeat and referral business by staying top of mind with video remarketing on Facebook and Instagram
  • Leverage Facebook pixels to convert leads who left your site without booking or buying and turn them into paying clients

Explode Your Conversion Rate With Landing Pages

  • Understand why your website’s conversions suck and how landing pages 10x your conversion rates
  • Discover the essential elements on your landing page to turn clicks into subscribers
  • Leverage your thank you page to fill your calendar with appointments on demand without the back and forth struggle of trying to coordinate a time that works

Optimize Your Ad In Facebook

  • Bring your computer to follow along, click-by-click, to create your own Facebook ad and implement side-by-side with our Facebook ad ninjas so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck
  • “Stop the scroll” and get your ideal clients to read, watch and click through your ad with powerful ad copy and creative
  • Optimize your ad by learning how to read the Facebook ad reporting to identify if your ad is working and how to fix it if it’s not working

So let me ask you…

How would your life and business change if you could sign ONE more client every week?…

Or how about every day?

And what if you could get those appointments WITHOUT having to prospect more, network more or follow-up more?

The strategy we’re going to teach you uses Facebook ads to mimic the way you already build trust in relationships.

That means you can stop competing for the same leads as everyone else and stand out from the competition, EVEN if you’re in a highly competitive, overly saturated market.

Oh, and we like to overdeliver.

How does an extra bonus sound?

When you grab the Appointments On Demand Summit Cliff Notes, we’re also going to give you the cliff notes from our Email Marketing Summit.

Armed with the notes from both of our summits, you’ll learn expert strategies for generating leads online, following up with them on autopilot and turning ice cold leads into red hot appointments.

Grab 40+ pages of cliff notes from BOTH of our Summits for less than the cost of happy hour.

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