How I Maintain My Network On A Daily Basis

This is probably going to be one of my shortest posts ever because maintaining my database isn’t that complicated… and it’s not supposed to be.

If it were complicated, I’d never stick to it so I keep it real simple.

We talked about the four laws of your network in another post (ahem, law #3 is “communicate with it systematically), so I wanted to touch on how I manage my network on a daily basis.

Once you’ve set up your database, maintaining it is easy so long as you do it every day.

If you need some help setting up your database, here’s a wholeeee post about organizing your database:

I like to do it first thing in the morning before the day gets hectic and crazy.

That means before I check my email, before I return phone calls, before anything else.

If someone calls during this time, I’ll text them back and let them know I’ll call them back after 11… That’s how serious I am about it.

Nurturing my network is the single most important part of growing MEB and my real estate business, so I don’t mess around.

As a caveat, in addition to my daily network maintenance, I also do mailings and video emails on a monthly basis to my database but that’s systemized too.

You can learn how I do it right here:


Add and Categorize (Bucket) New Contacts

Estimated Time: 2 Minutes

The second law of the database is “feed it every day”.

That means every time I meet someone new, I add them to my database and then categorize them so they’re added to a follow-up plan.

I used to do this only on Mondays but I found that I didn’t want to do it because it ended up being like 20 people to add at once, I hated doing it andddd waiting a whole week to follow-up with people meant that I forgot a lot of what we’d talked about during our meeting.

Now that I do it every morning, it takes all of 30 seconds to add the 2-3 new people I’ve met and I don’t have to think about it again.


Complete Actions

Estimated Time: 20-30 minutes

When someone is added to a category (bucket) in Contactually, they’re automatically added to a follow-up program.

I’ve talked about how and why I do eight follow-ups over eight weeks in this post:

After I categorize my new people, I complete the actions that Contactually tells me I need to do.

The emails are automated to go out, so I just go down the list and call the people that Contactually tells me to call and I send the mailings that it’s reminding me to send.

I don’t fight with it, I just do them.

You can try Contactually for free for 30 days and you’ll get access to my follow-up templates too.


Follow-Up Reminders

Estimated Time: 15-30 Minutes

When you bucket someone in Contactually, you can assign a follow-up reminder period for them.

For example, my “long term nurture” bucket has a follow-up reminder for every 90 days.

That means, if I go 90 days without talking to someone, there’s a follow-up reminder that pops up to remind me to reach out to them.

I’m never trying to figure out who to call or what to say, I just setup my system in the beginning and then stick to it on a daily basis.

For my long term natures, I call them once every 90 days and each quarter I have a different topic to talk about.

For example, my Q1 call goes like this, “hey ___! Happy New Year. Just checking in to hear about your big goals for the year and to see if there’s anything I can do or anyone I can introduce you to that can help.”

Sometimes they’ll go, “so funny you called! We’re thinking about selling the house and have been meaning to call you.”

Those 90 day calls make sure I stay top of mind.


Update Pipelines

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes

Lastly, one of the things I’ve recently started doing is keeping track of everyone in Pipelines.

That’s because even with reminders, I’m a super visual person so I like to see where everyone is in my business, how much income I can expect to generate in the next few months and if I’m on track for my goals.

This takes 30 seconds to update on a daily basis but gives me a perfect picture of my business.

Once all of that is done, I’ve done the most important part of my job for the day and I never have to worry about if I’ve followed up with someone enough.

If you want the templates I use for my eight week follow-up plan and a free 30-day trial of Contactually, you can get them right here:

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