Why You’re Not Reaching Your Goals + What You Need To Do Instead

Have you ever been SUPER excited about something to the point where you’re like “omg yes! I’m doing that!”

… So you go and set some ridiculous goals.

… Then like 2 weeks later, all of your inspiration dies off and you’re back to your regular self.


Now here’s the thing…

There are literally THOUSANDS of things that you can do with your day.

You are constantly making hundreds of decisions at any given time… Some of them are on autopilot and some are conscious, like…

What should you wear today?

Will you go to happy hour?

What should you do this weekend?

…. and then some of our decision should are subconscious habits like…

Are you going to start brushing your teeth on the right or left side first?

Do you tie your left or right shoe?

Do you workout in the morning, night or not at all?

Our habits define us.

Our habits define us. Click To Tweet

If you have a habit of smoking, you’re a smoker.

If you have a habit of drinking, you’re a drinker.

If you have a habit of running, you’re a runner.

If you have a habit of procrastinating, you’re a procrastinator.

We ARE our habits.

… and sometimes we don’t even realize how our habits affect us because it’s all we know.

… but if you don’t even recognize your habits, how do you know which ones are sabotaging your success?

You don’t.

… and THAT is why you’re not reaching your goals.

You don’t need to reset your goals or give yourself a crazy pep talk.

You need a growth plan.

You’ve probably heard about having a “why” to keep you motivated, but no matter how much you want it, that doesn’t fix the issue of MAINTAINING your mindset and gaining the new skills and habits to execute on your goals.


So, What The Heck Is A Growth Plan?

You have financial plans, fitness plans, health plans, goal plans and business plans… But what about a YOU plan?

You have plans for your finances, fitness, goals and business... What about a YOU plan? Click To Tweet


A growth plan is designed to help you find the areas of your life that you’re slacking, figure out the habits that you need to create, change to strengthen, and then execute them.

It’s sort of like a doctor’s check-up, except for your mindset and habits.

A growth plan will keep you from “my life is a hot mess” breakdowns or “I need to get my shit together” self-talks because you’ll actively be working on you so that those areas of growth are corrected in small increments,

rather than waiting until your life details before trying to get it back on track.

After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

You can't pour from an empty cup. Click To Tweet

… and if you’re not working on you, your cup is definitely going to empty quickly.


How To Make A Growth Plan

Step 1. Audit Your Mindset

We always talk about the things we want to do and if you’re anything like me, you fantasize about what it will feel like when you’re massively successful in every area of your life…

… but putting it into action is a whole different story.

So the first thing you need to do is to do an audit on your mindset:

What are your strengths?

How about those weaknesses?

What do you need to work on?

What’s holding you back from reaching your full potential?

How are you currently spending your time?

How SHOULD you be spending your time?

What limiting beliefs do you still carry?

Where do those limiting beliefs come from?

Digging really deep, especially on the questions you’d prefer not to answer is the only way to begin your breakthrough.


Step 2. Audit Your Goals

Going through life without a goal is sort of like getting in the car and driving without a destination, while blindfolded.

Going through life without a goal is like driving a car blindfolded without a destination. Click To Tweet

When you lack a destination, it’s way too easy to have ‘squirrel syndrome’ and to get distracted by every, single, teeny-tiny, itty-bity shiny object that may or may not yield a potential opportunity to possibly succeed.

Creating your growth plan will help you set a direction for each of the 7 ‘S’ words* so that you can start setting yourself on a path to have more balance, be more fulfilled and reach your full potential.

The 7 S words represent the various areas of your life…

They are self, self-development, spirituality, security, service, spouse and security.


Step 3. Audit Your Habits

Point A is where you are.

Point Z is where’s you want to go.

(I don’t like using point B as the destination because that insinuates that the journey is just one step and that’s almost never the case.)

Your habits represent every step towards point Z.

If you take a teeny step to the left or right, you won’t detour too much, but if you keep taking detours, you’ll end up wayyyyy off of your goal.

It’s the compound effect at it’s finest.

Identifying the habits that are holding you back is one part of it and the other half is identifying the keystone habits that you can start implementing, which will give you the max return on your effort.


Step 4. Audit Your Skills

Most people never reach their goals because they completely skip steps four, five and six.

If you plan to set massive, crazy goals, it only makes sense that you’d have to grow to reach them… THIS is where the growth plan REALLY shines.

You’ll identify the areas that you need to grow, analyze your learning style and decide how you want to immerse yourself into the new habits so that you can start executing and making CRAZY progress on your goals.

That level of immersion will start changing your mindset and get you to start taking action.

Immersion will start changing your mindset and get you to start taking action. Click To Tweet


Step 5. Audit Your Schedule

If it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist… It’s as simple as that.

If it's not in your schedule, it doesn't exist... It's as simple as that. Click To Tweet

Once you’ve gotten your mindset in the right place, set some clear goals, worked on your habits and decided what skills you need to work on, it’s time to figure out how to actually implement it all by creating a powerful schedule.

You’ll want to look at what your schedule is like now, prioritize the 7 S words and make sure that your priorities align with your new schedule.


Step 6. Actually Do It

Creating a growth plan is one of the most important things you can possibly do for yourself because it covers every area of your life… but because it’s soooo comprehensive, it can be easier to get overwhelmed and decide to do nothing at all.

… However, if you’re absolutely committed to reaching your full potential and being your best self, decide, right now, that you’re not going to be like, “oh this post is awesome, let me bookmark it (or pin it) to come back to”…

Then never come back to it.

Let’s put it into action, together, so you don’t have to do this by yourself.

I have a totally free growth plan course that will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end so that you can start living up to your full potential and stop setting goals that you’re not going to hit.

In the growth plan course, you’ll get 12 videos, a 45-page workbook and a 10 day email challenge to make sure you are executing on your goals… and you can register fo’ free right here:

How frustrating is it when you set all of these goals.... but you never hit them? The problem isn't your goals. The execution part of goals is where most people trip up, and in this article I'm walking you through exactly how to execute them like a ninja. Click through to read the whole article and to take the free growth plan course.
How frustrating is it when you set all of these goals.... but you never hit them? The problem isn't your goals. The execution part of goals is where most people trip up, and in this article I'm walking you through exactly how to execute them like a ninja. Click through to read the whole article and to take the free growth plan course.

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0 thoughts on “Why You’re Not Reaching Your Goals + What You Need To Do Instead”

  1. This is incredible! I love the work on mindsets and the focus on habits. So key to success. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes ma’am! So glad you enjoyed.

  2. I like step 6. We can talk about mindsets, habits and the constellation of stars all we want. but if we don’t actually don’t do something, it doesn’t exist and neither does success.

  3. Victoria says:

    I like step six too! So many people want to do things in life, but when it actually comes to doing it and working hard they give up. You have to work hard to achieve your dreams!

    1. Yep! It takes a mindset shift but you can have reasons or results, you can’t have both.

  4. I’m an avid goal getter so this post is perfect for those of us who let our goals slip by the wayside. I wrote something similar on another blog and got complaints that the post was too long but it was worth it if someone got the message :p

  5. Nikki Leigh says:

    So many great tips here! Changing habits is the key to becoming successful. Consistently doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result is what most people do. Change your habits, change your life!

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Thanks so much for reading.

  6. Kristen Raney says:

    I so agree with “if it’s not in your schedule it doesn’t exist.” Goals happen because you show up consistently and put time for progress in your schedule.

    1. Absolutely! So glad you enjoyed!

  7. Great post! I love all your tips, especially #6. Just do it! πŸ™‚

    1. Yup! You can have reasons or results but you can’t have both.

  8. So many amazing tips!! We tend to forget that goals really do take a lot of work. These are great steps in helping me to achieve my goals!

    1. Heck yea man, goals aren’t just a “here’s what I’m going to do” and then “ok now it’s done”… It’s a wholeeee process to get there.

  9. Nazrin Miah says:

    Every point in this post i was nodding my head like yup that’s you! I guess it all starts with the individual.

    1. Hahaha I’m so glad you enjoyed this!

  10. Chelsea says:

    Thanks for sharing! I acknowledge my bad habits and I’m working on them but the hardest part is my schedule for me, but you have given great pointers!

    1. So glad you found value in this! Xo

  11. Corey Wheeland says:

    I love this post!! I especially liked this: “if you don’t even recognize your habits, how do you know which ones are sabotaging your success?”

  12. Mary Leigh says:

    Great tips. I really appreciate the tip about being intentional to put it in the schedule! If it’s not there it almost certainly will not get done!

    1. I learned that from my mom when I was a kid haha… I’d be like, “mom… I told you last week that there was ___” and her canned response was always “is it in my calendar?” hahahah.

  13. Danielle Fairhurst says:

    Great post, thank you for sharing. I love the detail you’ve gone into, especially as this is something that I feel like I’m struggling with – part of it is getting too excited and setting ridiculous goals and the other part is not being intentional. Will definitely be using some of these tips.
    Dani x | http://www.flourishingfreelancer.com

  14. jillconyers says:

    A schedule audit is a great tip. Too often either over estimating available time or under estimating how long it will take to do something is a factor with not reaching your goals.

    1. Absolutely!… and sometimes when you’re burning out, it’s totally because your current schedule isn’t working for you anymore and you end up in a state of stress.

  15. Lacey Anne Douthat says:

    Love this! If I don’t goal set and day map I’m a hot mess!!!

    1. Love this! I know exactly how you feel.

  16. Brittany Ferrell says:

    These are really great tips. I feel that I often work harder instead of smarter. Multi-tasking may sound like a great skill or a good habit, but sometimes it is not! I think I need to break that habit and focus on one thing at a time. I anticipate I will feel more successful and like I accomplished more. This is my goal!

    1. Seriously! I remember hearing about an example of someone who was trying to demonstrate this, so they asked for two volunteers. They gave each volunteer some pennies, a couple of paperclips and a few rubberbands. They asked one person to stack all the pennies, then tie all of the rubber bands and then clip all of the paperclips and they asked the other to stack a penny, tie a rubber band, clip a paperclip over and over until they were all done. The volunteer who did them all at the same time did it so easily, and the person who did all 3 separately struggled to finish… Multitasking is really single-tasking over and over and over again. So glad you’ve found this to be true for yourself too.

  17. Alexandria says:

    This is so true! It all starts with your mindset!

  18. Jennifer Carner Gregg says:

    Oh my goodness I LOVE your growth plan and the step by step guidelines on how to make one! When I have a few minutes to sit down I am coming back and creating my growth plan!!! I am visiting you today from Blogging with Heart

    1. Thank you so much! Good luck on your growth plan… Feel free to join the free course which will walk you through the entire process.

  19. Casey says:

    So true that if something isn’t built into your schedule, you probably won’t get around to doing it!

    1. Yep! That simple productivity hack will change your whole life.

  20. Jennifer Mooney says:

    Gosh do I need organization! So true. I constantly am under estimating how much time I have available. Thank you for sharing! I love this! πŸ™‚

    1. So sweet! I know exactly what you mean. You’re like “oh, this project will only take me 30 minutes”, then 6 hours later you’re only halfway done hahaha.

  21. Ashley Cowen says:

    YES!! This is SPOT ON!! You have to first visulize your goals, but that’s not all you need, they HAVE to be spelled out with an action plan to achieve them. Very good post!

    1. Absolutely! So glad you found this useful.

  22. i really need to audit my schedule THEN ACTUALLY DO IT.
    i’m all show when it comes to my schedule and organizing… i have post its and color coding pens like you wouldn’t believe! I write everything down and I have an awesome dry erase calendar. but i’m so busy with my FAMILY that MY stuff doesn’t ever get done! like, what.
    i also have a habit of overfilling my plate and then I get overwhelmed and I say eff it lol

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes if you over plan, you get stuck in the trap and have a hard time figuring out what the most important thing to do is, then you end up doing nothing. My suggestion to that is to focus on one goal at a time… Complete that goal, then work on another… Don’t try to do them all at once or nothing gets done.

  23. Shannon Marie says:

    I feel so motivated after reading this! I really need to focus on my schedule. Great post!

  24. Wow! This is an awesome post. I love the idea of a schedule audit. I have to have my goals laid out.

    1. Absolutely! I find that even when your goals are laid out, most people don’t align their schedule with them and then are stuck wondering why they can’t make them happen.

  25. Tracy Chong says:

    What a great sharing! I admit that sometimes I am so busy for nothing. I really need to sit down and examine myself and plan myself.

    1. Absolutely! Busy isn’t going to help you be productive… Focus on impact, not activity.

  26. Taylor Mobley says:

    I love this post so much! I live by schedules and lists – my productivity depends on them!

  27. Nadalie says:

    Love this! We really do have to audit everything we do and fine where we are lacking or sleeping on opportunities!

  28. Selena says:

    I think i’d fall under procrastinator but this can get me on the right track!

  29. Karina Sobredo says:

    What a great article. I find myself doing to many things at once and overwhelmed. Great post! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  30. Toyin Alli says:

    This is an amazing post! I definitely need to set aside some time for intentional thinking to help with my mindset goals.

  31. Ruth LovettSmith says:

    Thanks for the tips. I agree, mindset and hard work go a long way to reaching your goals.

  32. “Our habits define us” – that entire bit is SPOT. ON. Wow. Hit home.

  33. cewtypye says:

    I just love the quote: “Success is a progressive relation of a worth goal” So fitting for this time of year when I need to buckle down and stay motivated!

  34. Jennifer Maune says:

    Wow – what a motivating post! I love all of the quote pictures throughout. You are right – you can’t pour from an empty cup! Love these steps that you suggest.

  35. Allison Ellzey says:

    I love this way of thinking! I need to do a few mindset audits myself!

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